Bosnia vs Mexico

Bosnia Vs Mexico: Bosnia Vs Mexico Info You Need To Know

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Bosnia- Herzegovina squares off against Mexico and the two teams are looking to spice up the Georgia Dome and have us referring to Atlanta as Hotlanta once again.

Unfortunately, that will not happen.

This isn’t even remotely close to being a hot match. It’s a rather poor match up to throw at fans in the States, or even soccer fans in general, despite a few storylines heading into this match. ( Read Bosnia vs Mexico more... )

Mexico vs. Bosnia: Welcome, Chepo

Whether you’re still pissed about 2010 or not, El Tri is back and the new cycle begins today in the least spectacular fashion with a bout against a very weakened, Edin Dzeko-less Bosnia & Herzegovina in Atlanta (hell yeah, friendlies in the US…not!). At least the beginning of the last World Cup cycle began with a match with against the USA, and the presentation of a new kit. Oh well.

No matter how lame the match today may seem, it will be worth catching a glimpse of what the new Mexican side looks like and what Chepo De La Torre has up his sleeve. The objectives for the year are clear: win the Gold Cup (the one with full powered squads), do well in the Copa America, and develop a system that works so that each player’s role is well defined. ( Read Bosnia vs Mexico more... )

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Current TV: Hot Trends Art Schlichter

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- "Art Schlichter" is a trending search topic on the Internet following reports that the former All-American college football star is at the center of an investigation into a scam to sell fake tickets to Super Bowl XLV at a high profit.

Schlichter is notorious for his gambling addiction, and has been in and out of jail dozens of times since 1994, mainly for fraud and forgery, according to reports.

The former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback apparently told investors that he would use their money to buy and sell Super Bowl tickets, but failed to produce their tickets on game day because he allegedly gambled away all of their money.

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